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  YALGAAR is complete end to end exclusive cloud Messaging solution to enhance the scalability of your product, by taking them to Internet and making them Interactive quickly and economically. It provides both: Messaging and Integration, which plays a key role in the successful deployment of mission-critical IT systems and the automation of business processes.
  Our Messaging platform is Robust, Highly available and Realtime,which not only routes massive amounts of time-sensitive data between widely distributed applications independent of their physical location and operational availability but also provides optional NoSQL data store which is fully optimized for big data applications. Even legacy systems can have new life breathed into it and thus scalability of the process with the help of this solution.

Realtime     Application

YALGAAR is an excellent back-end for realtime applications, Notifications and message streaming is handled very effectively and you will be able to push thousands of messages per second.

Message     Queuing     

Queue job messages for your workers. YALGAAR gives you in-order, no-duplicates guarantees and high availability as the message can be replicated between multiple nodes.

Offload Your DataStore

Instead of polling your data store, publish a message when new data is inserted.Interested parties will be notified immediately and your data store will be ready to answer qualified queries instead.

Application Decoupling

Decouple different concerns in your application and only communicate between them asynchronously with messages. So the parts of your application can evolve independently, be written in different languages and/or maintained by complete separated teams.

YALGAAR is an effective framework in following use cases:

  When a real time feed of constantly updating information is required.

  Real time web applications.

  Message needs to be delivered when the destination comes online.

  An enormous messages needs to be sent while still receiving status updates over the same network connection.

  Application Decoupling with support of all popular operating systems and languages.

  Communication between in-house and cloud applications.

  YALGAAR is a middle ware framework which is completely platform independent and can be hosted on any cloud infrastructure, whether it is a public cloud like Amazon, Azure etc. or a private cloud owned by the customer.
  YALGAAR can connect applications and components built using completely different languages and technologies, such as an application written in Java to one written in .NET, a Python application to Amazon Web Services(AWS), or a Ruby app to a REST web service.
  Yalgaar can be used in requirements like: scaling, offloading work, integration, monitoring, event handling, routing, networking, push, mobility, buffering, queuing, task sharing, alerts, management, logging, batch, data delivery, multicast, audit, scheduling, ... and more. Basically: anything where you need data but don't want to make a database request.

YALGAAR Messaging Platform

Based on AMQP Protocol.

A high-performance messaging platform.

Supports common messaging patterns, such as publish/subscribe and request/response.

Handling millions of messages per second.

Directly using Messaging server through Browser instead of webserver to make optimum use of Client side resources as well as reduce connection problem on WebServer.

Scales to massive number of Connections.

Web Portal can directly communicate to the Message Server via JavaScript SDK of Yalgaar for all messaging communication, instead of communicating via the Web Server, and thereby reduces connection load on Web Server.

All the communication done via Yalgaar Cloud Messaging Service are fully secured, and are handled through an HTTPS connection, along with Encryption techniques.

YALGAAR - Real time applications
  Fortum, a multinational next generation energy company has selected YALGAAR messaging platform to Internet-enable eCommanders for home automation where, Consumer’s energy usage can be remotely monitored and the devices at home can be controlled via a smart device.
  YALGAAR has facilitate the Pub/ Sub and Demand/Response messaging patterns to communicate, control and monitor, consumer electronics devices over the Web Portal and Mobile application using eCommanders.
  In this system, real time devices will send updates to YALGAAR framework in the form of messages, and YALGAAR will redirect those messages to appropriate end users in real time as well as send a copy to database for historical data usage. End users can monitor and control their devices from any remote location from any browser or smart-phone.
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